Monthly archives: November, 2017

Install MSI File Remotely

I recently asked to find a way to deploy SolarWinds agent to about 200 servers. As I’m familiar with PowerShell, I wrote a short script below to install the agent remotely from my workstation. ‘

CMApps Lockup

While working with SCCM console which has many sub-folders under Applications , we sometimes have problem locating the applications. To make thing easier for our team, I wrote a simple application in PowerShell to do that.    

Create CM Colloction Using PowerShell

I recently had a task to create 20 CM device collections for an application deployment. Instead of creating the collections manually, which would burn my eye, I wrote a PowerShell script to do that for me. Here is an example of how to make and populate a SCCM machine and user collection.   Have fun!

Build a PowerShell CM Application

Today I did some testing with installing an application in SCCM using PowerShell. I found out a few interested things and I want to share it with you guys. In order for an application to be successfully installed, there are few things that we have to setup. 1. Change the PowerShell execution policy From Client …